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Graduate Program in Basic and Applied Immunology

The graduate studies program in Basic and Applied Immunology was set up in the year 1990, and seeks to qualify distinctive professional people active in the areas of Basic and Applied Immunology and Pathogenic Bioagents.

Currently, more than 20 members of the teaching staff, accredited in the Program, are developing scientific projects including basic immunology, biotechnology, immunoregulation, stem cells, immunogenetics, the study of the relationship between parasite and host, molecular aspects of parasites, virus, fungi and bacteria. Together with this, collaboration between national and international research institutions offer a healthy and harmonic atmosphere for scientific development in Brazil, which has a reflection in international publications and also the improvement of the technical and scientific infrastructure of the Program.

During the period in which the students are qualified, a set of core subjects is offered, full of new and relevant concepts for the acquisition of new knowledge and updates in the Immunology area and its interface with the other areas of knowledge. In addition, the present program also encourages the students for the development and the enhancement of the teaching process through the execution of further courses for the undergraduate students (Winter Course), as also workshops and weekly meetings addressing  advanced issues in immunology (Journals), preparing our students for a research, teaching or industrial career (aimed at the labor market). Thus, the program, through its teachers, students and employees, provides specialized services to society, by means of additional courses and research, with the application of new forms of knowledge in favor of the social and economic development of Brazil.

X Curso de Inverno em Imunologia Básica e Aplicada